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Overview of the Wakasa Town

Wakasa Town is situated almost in the immediate center of Japan and faces the Asian continent across the Sea of Japan. Wakasa Town identifying characteristics include sea, lakes, culinary and historical resources.
Wakasa is particularly proud of its local seafood. In every one of the neighborhood inns and restaurants the very finest fresh fish is served to the delight of visiting guests. Wakasa is also home to the famed 'Mikata-goko' (Five Lakes of Mikata) which have been listed and recognized under the Ramsar Convention. The extraordinary beauty of the views provided from land-based vantage-points is only surpassed by those enjoyed during pleasure cruises. As well as appreciating the countryside and mountain views, Wakasa visitors can also enjoy a full ‘back-to-roots‘, agricultural, experience.
People have lived in the Wakasa area since ancient times (the Jomon Period in Japanese pre-history), and this history is explained in the Wakasa-Mikata Jomon Museum. The old inn-houses of Kumagawa also preserve this deep sense of history. Kumagawa is a town with origins as a stopover point along the ancient 'Saba Kaido' highway, used to transport fish such as 'saba' (mackerel) to Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto.
In springtime, the plum and cherry blossoms are exquisite, in summer, the sea an open invitation to swim and bathe. The colorful autumn leaves are a prelude to the best season for fugu (blow fish) and crab. The winter offers scenic snow-filled views while also being the best overall season for seafood. In Wakasa Town, local nature is a magnificent balance of sea, lakes, village and town environments, and each season brings its own distinct pleasures. Visitors receive the very best welcome by a people who are always warm and friendly.
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